Welcome to Sage Hills Healing Center

The OM Ranch was recently featured on HOUZZ.COM. Thank you Sarah! Click on the link to read the article and view our Eco Friendly home and Healing Center. Thank you.

In 2009, I had a vision to create a Haven where the “Best of the Best” from around the world, come to make the “Most of the Local” setting and Community. For thousands of years, there have been Havens, places of refuge and learning, where people of all faiths, creeds, visions, gather to share their Spirit and open their Hearts.

Sage Hills Healing Center is surprisingly cozy within a powerfully sacred, energetically charged space. We often have comments of “Amazing that this caliber of a Center exists out here ” as we are essentially in the center of this stunning, high desert, Southern Utah Valley, like an Oasis that suddenly appears. We have all kinds of wildlife and domesticated animals that roam freely and often come up on our property, as animals are naturally attracted to places of energy.

Omar and Melanie Abderrahman are your OM Ranch hosts which is the privileged location of the Sage Hills Healing Center.

Melanie offers profound, relevant, with quantum immediate results, teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation which are innovative solutions in creativity for these challenging, rapidly accelerating and changing times. You can set up an appointment with her by purchasing a session, and call her to set up your appointment.

All are welcome here at the OM. We have a Labyrinth for Walking Meditations at the top of the hill with breathtaking vistas of the Cedar Valley and surrounding mountains. Just as you may have a favorite small restaurant that is superb and you hesitate to share it with too many people, Sage Hills contains that very same mystique and credibilty that, once you have come and experienced, you are eager to share it person to person – Heart to Heart.

Sat Nam!
Love – Mandeep


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Lisa Stearns shares her experience of the Sage Hills Healing Center:
“…When I looked at your website, your picture of your orange turban around your bowls was a near replica of my ancestral spirit. My receptionists knows of my journey and vision quest and even the details of this ancestral spirit as she has aided me in finding that part of world and time frame.  We both nearly fell out of our chairs! 
Your skin is obviously whiter, but I try to always follow the signs. And, so that led me where I am today. My son Matt has also had his hand in this. Because he would make reference to you, which upon looking at your website is how I found you. When I saw your website, I instantly started picking up on the vibrations that were coming from it. Those vibrations compelled me to enter in, explore, expand, & engage!

Even though, I have no idea what all the cores of Kundalini are right now, I do know this… What I have implemented in my life has birthed deeper understanding, awakened my dream and visionary capacity, and given me more clarity. I am a healer and in my personal shamanic journeying, it has expanded tremendously my ability to go deeper and meet with many guides for direction. The Kundalini movements and mantras have assisted with a painless back, stress-relief and new songs in my soul! Mandeep has made all these easy and her voice print is enlightening and encouraging! I also love how she leads by example as she engages in the practices with us.

I attribute the Kundalini breathing techniques, movements, and meditations as a bridge to the deeper journeys. Both Kundalini Yoga techniques and my shamanic journeying are modalities that bring truly do bring complete restoration, life, healing, peace. My new 32 inch Yoga Gong has changed the energy of my house and extended the energy field. It totally makes sense to be to integrate both the Kundalini Yoga techniques as well as my current sound instruments. 

I look forward to enlarging my Kundalini understanding with the Conscious Communication Course in May!”